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The ‘T’ House in Noe Valley asks $12.5 million

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Contemporary home offers views of the bay

Exterior of home in Noe Valley, lots of wood. Photos by Brent Haywood Photography, courtesy of Steve Wu, Pacific Union

This neighborhood up on 24th Street, nestled in the hills above San Francisco, gets a bad rap. Noe Valley, while not the chicest of neighborhoods, is one of the city’s most bucolic. White picket fences. Charming boutiques. Strollers galore. It’s where many a former hipster plants roots to start a family.

And where better to start than inside this bonkers home high on the hill overlooking the city, created by Ogrydziak/Prillinger Architects.

Christened the ‘T’ house for its perpendicular shape, 526 Duncan features four bedroom and four and two half baths, as well as 12-foot ceilings, five outdoor spaces including three terraces, and a staircase sure to impress.

Asking price is $12,500,000.