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232-square-foot Telegraph Hill condo asks $435K

Tiny home on the hill

Exterior of Telegraph Hill property Photo via Vanguard Properties

At least there’s no bathroom in the kitchen.

This petite studio in Telegraph Hill, coming in at cinched 232 square feet, might be small in size, but it’s big on upgrades. Renovated since it last sold in 2012 (for $165,000), 412 Green comes with new kitchen, flooring, bath, finishes. and more.

So small that it requires the use of a Murphy bed,, breathing room can be found on the rooftop deck which boasts some of the city’s prettiest signifiers (Coit Tower, Transamerica Pyramid).

Unfortunately, many of these cozy properties, ideal for a single person trying to eek out a life in the big city, are now geared toward investors looking to make money via an Airbnb listing. As the ad says, this pied-à-terre is “the perfect opportunity for the savvy investor." Alas.

Asking is $435,000.