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San Francisco’s 10 most expensive homes, analyzed

The ten most expensive properties for sale in the city range from $12 million to $40 million in asking prices  

2712 Broadway: asking $40 million.
2712 Broadway: asking $40 million.
Photo by Jacob Elliott

It’s a city and region out of control. A conscious dearth of housing has resulted in gentrification and skyrocketing home prices benefitting a select few in the Bay Area. Oakland is feeling the brunt of it right now. And San Francisco has felt it for what seems like forever.

But there are some homes in the city worthy of the priciest-above-all accolade, built with the intention of being cream of the crop, top of the heap.

The most expensive property currently for sale in San Francisco is 2712 Broadway but that’s only using one metric: asking price. While this contemporary Billionaires Row home is the most expensive in term of listing, it's not the most expensive on a per-square-foot basis (only $3,508/square feet compared to the condo at 2006 Washington, asking $4,298/square foot).

The second-most expensive property currently for sale in San Francisco is 2820 Scott in Cow Hollow, a 16,000-square-foot 1905 Italianate asking 29.5 million.

2820 Scott: asking $29.5 million.
2820 Scott: asking $29.5 million.
Photo courtesy of Olivia Decker

"This house highlights the importance of metrics. It is one of the most expensive properties on asking price. But it is near the bottom of the list on price per-square-foot (only $1,843/square foot)," said NeighborhoodX founder Constantine Valhouli.

He adds, "On a per-square-foot basis, the most expensive property on this list is 2006 Washington, #8, which is asking $4,298/square foot."

3001 Pacific: asking $22 million.
Photo courtesy of Nina Hatvany Team at Pacific Union Real Estate

What’s more, 2820 Scott, as beautiful as it is, has been listed for over 400 days, which suggests that the price may be mis-aligned to the market.

On a per square foot basis, the 10 most expensive properties in the city range from $1,612/square foot (3001 Pacific in Pacific Heights) to $4,298/square foot (2006 Washington, #8 in the same neighborhood).

Here’s the breakdown, care of NeighborhoodX.