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Rare Diamond Heights Eichler hits market, asks $2.1 million

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Midcentury-modern home on the hill under goes dramatic renovation

Photoa by Open Homes Photography, courtesy of GPK Real Estate

It’s a red-letter day when an Eichler in San Francisco’s Diamond Heights is up for grabs. And today is that day. A four-bed, two-bath, 2,020-square-foot midcentury gem from the iconic developer has landed on the market this week asking serious coinage.

Although it dates back to 1962, 200 Amber has been renovated with a clearly contemporary touch. This two-level home, one boasting modernist interiors, has a look that might make some purists purse their lips.

It now features new decor that, for better or for worse, reflects today’s design aesthetics — open-floor plan, tile backsplashes, and more.

That said, the space does tip its hat to the past via a few exposed beams, wood accents, and retro fixtures. If you really squint hard, you might be able to detect some of its past.

Asking is $2,198,000.