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Outer Richmond driveway cuts sale price by $15K

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This is not a joke

A long driveway between several houses on a sunny day.
All this could be yours.

When the listing for 81 22nd Avenue in the Richmond popped up on Redfin on April Fools’ Day, many browsers probably thought it was a joke.

After all, the ad reads:

There is a driveway that people use to get to their homes that you can own. You can't build, have to pay taxes, ins & any other expenses. You can:

-Impress friends that you own real estate in San Francisco.

-Makes a great engagement present. [...]

-And for you out-of-the-box-insane-loving-ideas-tv-show-kinda-dude/dudette: Air Rights: You'll own the air above. This way, you can blackmail the US Navy to pay you a fee to fly over your air space for Fleet Week.

Hoodline compares it to a standup routine, but this is a serious offer (or as serious as it can be). In fact, this is not the first time 81 22nd has listed. Back in 2015, the same spot asked $50K.

The 7,000-plus foot driveway cutting through almost the entire block between 22nd and 24th is part of none of the adjoining properties that use it and is asking $35,000 all by its lonesome.

A year and a half ago, realtor Fred Glick told Curbed SF that the present owner lives on the East Coast, has never visited the site, and bought it years ago at a tax sale for reasons unknown. (Gag gift? Lost a bet? Put in a bid while sleepwalking?)

He also says that neighborhood gossip has it that decades ago, the property’s old owner would hassle neighbors about driving over “his land” to park, to the point that they all ended up in court.

“People keep calling me asking if they can build there. I even had a call from a guy in Wisconsin,” Glick added at the time.

He now says that he almost had a local buyer all set last year. “The guy wouldn’t tell me what he was planning to do with it, he just said ‘I’ll tell you after we close.’” But red tape held up the deal, and “Now his wife won’t let him.”

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