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Dark and handsome Rockridge craftsman asks $1.49 million

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Locale a few feet from BART cuts down on commutes but amps up the noise

A black Craftsman home with bay windows on the first floor. Courtesy Theresa Hope Broderick, Grubb Co

Those looking for a tall, dark, and handsome home in Oakland may want to linger over 5665 Keith Avenue, a four-bed, three-bath, Craftsman home from 1912.

All right, at two stories it’s not particularly tall. But since the last time it was on the market, back in 2015, it has adopted a dramatically darker look from the curb compared to its lighter and more traditional palette back then.

And as for its good looks, step inside and admire the woodwork throughout the first floor, right up to the beam ceilings and the corbels, living room bay with four windows off the living room (unfortunately a bit obscured in the interior photos), French doors, and built-ins—an abundance of classic wood.

According to the previous ad, the space last saw a renovation in 1998 but kept the early 20th century look largely intact; though the old permits show that they overhauled the kitchen and completely rebuilt the back porch.

This one is bouncing back to the sale block in relatively short time, selling last in May 2015 for $1.55 million, just a hair above the new $1.49 million it listed for this week.

There is one potential nuisance for buyers to note here, a noise nuisance in the form of several 56,000 pound carriages linked together and flying through the air overhead every 20 minutes or so like angry Valkyries. The lot sits about 230 feet from the Rockridge BART station and tracks.

At least it cuts down on commute time.