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Concrete beauty in Pebble Beach asks $8.5 million

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Team behind some of Pebble Beach’s contemporary homes offers another stunner

Concrete exterior of huge Pebble Beach house, very contemporary and modern. Photos by Rebecca Kmiec

Although Monterey is but a few miles away, this contemporary construction in Pebble Beach serves gorgeous shades of Big Little Lies. (A second home for Renata, if you will.)

Created by designers Conrad Sanchez and Edan Asturi of Conrad | Asturi Studios (the force behind another similar Pebble Beach abode), the home at 3900 Ronda Road features four beds, four and one half baths, and 4,176 square feet.

Concrete can be found throughout, from the terraces and fire pits to the facade and interiors. The four stately pillars at the front are a particular delight, as are the views of the Pacific.

An ideal look for those with an eye on contemporary yet tired of open-floor plans and antiseptic interiors. Wonderful.

Asking is $8,500,000.