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Dolores Park looked like a garbage dump by Sunday

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It’s no secret that Dolores Park on a warm weekend makes Union Street on a Friday night look like a salon of thoughtfulness and imagination. It is, in a word, a nightmare. Crowded with imbibed denizens looking to take the perfect Instagram shot of their Tecate cans, park goers typically leave behind a giant mess. And that’s exactly what happened over the weekend.

Not a surprise, sadly.

And while the park itself has an insufficient number of trashcans (bins were overflowing by day’s end), that’s hardly an excuse for grown adults to leave such a scene.

As Mission Local notes:

The crew worker had a theory on why the grassy slopes of the park looked like there had been sudden exodus of picnickers who simply had to leave their whole picnic behind.

“They’re just too drunk,” the worker said. Will it be the same next weekend and tomorrow? Probably, the worker said, adding that the only real deterrent was rain.

Area residents were upset. Workers spent the next day cleaning up garbage. Etcetera, etcetera.

People up your trash, folks.

Look at all the people:

Dolores Park

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