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Twitter headquarters’ new skybridge opens

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IRL connectivity

The new skybridge at Twitter headquarters opened today. It will allow for employees to travel between the two MidMarket buildings, connecting the ninth floor of 1355 Market to the ninth floor of One 10th Street.

Why a skybridge? For starters, it looks cool. But more importantly, one existed before but had to be taken down in 2011 since it didn’t meet ADA access codes. And traveling between the two buildings became a micro-commuting nightmare.

Twitter tells Curbed SF, “We engaged an elevator consultant to conduct studies and the results found that the elevators in the building are not adequate for the amount of vertical transportation that is needed.”

Hence the new skybridge.

While San Francisco law only allows for a bridge to connect a single floor of each building to the other, this wasn’t always the case between these two buildings. There used to be a skybridge between the two buildings which connected multiple floors, but Twitter’s will only connects one.

Check it out:

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