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Oakland artist’s Redwood Heights home asks $699K

1930s-era home accented with mosaic touches

Spanish-Med house. Photo courtesy of Deidre Joyner, Red Oak

Here’s a welcome variation on a theme: an Oakland artist being helped by the local housing market, or at least in a sound position to benefit from it.

The two-bed, one-and-a-half-bath Spanish-style home at 3636 Monterey Boulevard listed today for $699,000. Billed as a “Bohemian remix” of a its original circa-1930 style, it’s full of Tudor arches, built-ins, and a trapezoidal ceiling.

In this case the Bohemian creative credentials come by way of its owner for the past decade Pam Consear, a muralist and former kindergarten teacher. Pet owners might have seen her postcard mural on the side of the vet clinic on the 3500 block of Fruitvale.

She also has a thing for mosaics, including ones at several Oakland schools (collaborations with the students, of course).

Which brings this right back to 3636 Monterey, where Consear’s mosaic habit has infiltrated the house itself in the form of creeping tiles touches throughout, winding up the front porch arch and concealed in the hollows of doors.

Thus making it a little piece of Oakland that’s full of little pieces of Oakland.