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Retro-futuristic Tiburon midcentury asks $3.58 million

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1961 home saw the future 56 years ago

A cubist, flat midcentury home on a hillside with glass walls and a balcony suspended off the back with wires. Photo courtesy of Patti Cohn, Pacific Union

Although understandable if unsure, the seemingly contemporary home at 1868 Mountain View Drive in Tiburon is indeed a midcentury, dating back to 1961 and, according to realtor Patti Cohn, never before offered on the market.

And indeed, it’s boasts the flattop profile and hard right angle fetish that marks a California house from 50-plus years ago, as well as some retro interior decor decisions—dig the overwhelming tide of aquamarine tiles in one of the bathrooms, for example—to match.

Still, one might suspect a more recent hand in the design. Take, for example, the banks of glass walls that open up virtually the entire facade of the three-bed, two-and-a-half-bath house to the world outside (and of course expose the interior to the views and views for miles that surround the property). Actual houses of mirrors don’t often feature this much glass.

Notice also the extensive use of wires on balcony and patio spaces, including a kind of faux suspension bridge look on the elevated walkway. Has someone with an eye for contemporary San Francisco design been monkeying with this blast from the past?

Cohn says no, insisting to Curbed SF that “it’s all original.” She emphasizes the 1868 Mountain View’s status as “a historic Tiburon home” while still acknowledging some of the seemingly prescient elements mixed in.

That being said, we would be remiss not to point out that it’s benefitted from recent renovation and upkeep.

Some people can’t help but be a little ahead of their time, it seems, in this case resulting in a retro vision of the future that did indeed come true. One other accent on this home that’s thoroughly modern: the asking price, now set at $3.58 million.