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Tiny Mill Valley home asks $649K


Facade of small Mill Valley home, one story, yellow. Photos via McGuire Real Estate

Let’s all take a step back from Silicon Valley’s housing crisis, multi-million dollar San Francisco homes, and comprehensive renovations. And let’s shimmy into the blisteringly bucolic charms of this teensy Mill Valley home.

For your consideration, this one-bed, one-bath, 524-square-foot charmer at 5 Mesa Avenue is nestled in a neighborhood of pricey homes. But this humble abode keeps things real (and real tiny) with lots of light, hardwood floors, freshly painted decor, washer/dryer, and, well, that’s about it.

Oh, it also boasts an enclosed porch, garden, and deck for entertain 2-3 very quiet friends. Lovely.

Asking is $649,000.