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Polished modernist home in Cole Valley asks $2.75 million

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1969 was also a transformative year for this onetime humble house

Angualr, wood facade on the front of home, with red brick staircase to the front door. Photos courtesy of Pacific Union

Nestled between more traditional homes high up in Cole Valley comes this exceptional construction with a wood facade that belies the airy, white interiors lurking inside. Originally built in 1924, the entire house was reconceived from the floor up in 1969 by architect/owner Paul A Wilson.

It lands on the market this week for $2,750,000.

Featuring four beds, three baths, and 3,071 square feet, 1238 Stanyan is spread out over three floors. Lots of open space here, as well as views of Sutro Tower. It’s benefitted from a recent renovation, but the gist of the open-floor ’69 concept (long before today’s bumper crop of open-floor cookie cutter plans) remains intact.