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Shingled Queen Anne Victorian in San Rafael asks $2.69 million

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Historic home has been off the open market since 1907

A Queen Anne home with turret, covered in redwood shingling. Courtesy Liz McCarthy, Paragon Real Estate

Purists, preservationists, and history buffs should probably sit down for this one.

22 Terradillo Avenue is a six-bed, four-bath Queen Anne Victorian in San Rafael dating back to 1891. It looks every bit the part of a 19th century home today, right down to the refurbished shingles covering its facade, which looks positively medieval when approached from the front, thanks largely to that Queen Anne turret.

The present listing for $2.69 million will only be the fourth time the old place has changed hands according to the present owners, who bought it in 1990 (for less than $310,000) after longtime owner Kathleen Parkin died, having lived her entire life in the place.

The Parkin family moved into 22 Terradillo in 1907, after the previous year’s earthquake damaged their other home, and that was the last time that the place was listed on the open market.

Realtor Liz McCarthy says that the original owner was none other than Charles Page, grandfather of the co-founder of Page & Turnbull, the San Francisco-based firm that specializes in historic preservation and helped rehab the Ferry Building.

There’s much to ooh and ahh over here—”People have been putting their hands to their chests when they walk in,” McCarthy tells Curbed SF—from the antique wallpaper all the way up to the ceilings, hand-carved wooden doorknobs, and the fir floors and redwood walls, the timber for which apparently all still dates back to 1891.

Plenty of things have changed along the line too, of course, including the kitchen, a recent addition from 1991. The two-lot property covers roughly 18,000 square feet in San Rafael, meaning that the buyer will be getting quite a lot of green in exchange for, well, quite a lot of green.