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SF will have special 4/20 hotline for quality-of-life emergencies

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But do not call if you ate too many edibles and now the trees are talking to you

4/20 on Hippie Hill on Golden Gate Park.
4/20 on Hippie Hill on Golden Gate Park.
Photo by duluoz cats

This coming Thursday, April 20, glassy-eyed denizens of San Francisco will take part in the annual ritual of 4/20, that special stoney day of the year when we pay homage to the kindest of buds. And this year, the typically rambunctious 4/20 festival on Golden Gate Park’s Hippie Hill will be a city-sanctioned one.

Last year, if you recall, thousands descended upon the park for the unsanctioned all-day event. It was a mess. But now that recreational marijuana use is legal, the city has decided to step in and help out instead of sitting back and cleaning up the mess once it’s done. (Last year’s fete cleanup cost an estimated $50,000.)

This year’s improvements will be: more port-a-potties/toilets, additional security, onsite medical teams, fencing around the bacchanalia, food vendors, extra cleaning crews, and more.

The San Francisco Police Department will also facilitate a 4/20 hotline during the party. This number can and should be used by residents, merchants, and the community concerned about "quality of life violations."

Should your life’s quality be in peril by a horde of stoned teenagers sporting culturally-appropriated attire or whatnot, call 415-242-3060 or 415-242-3061 immediately.

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