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Rockridge teardown sells for $260K over asking

Maybe there’s life in the old place yet

A double-gabled craftsman house, white with green trim, but the paint peeling and faded. Photo courtesy of Dalia Juskys, Red Oak Realty

The one-bedroom, two-bath 1905 home at 383 60th Street in Rockridge has seen better days. The place is, in fact, a complete teardown, and even the realtor handling its sale back in March said so in those very words.

“Needs everything from scratch,” Dalia Juskys wrote at the time, laying it all on the line. Despite this, the initial asking price was nearly half a million dollars.

Photos of the little place (less than 1,000 square feet, though it sits on a lot more than three times that size) certainly didn’t suggest any hidden riches, mostly showcasing lots of old paint and scuffed surfaces.

The best you could say about this craftsman home with the double-gabled facade is that it must have been lovely in its day, at least back then.

But it sold in just three weeks for 52 percent above the asking price.

Yes, despite its ailments, 383 60th Street proved that even its initial $495K listing price apparently wasn’t doing it justice, as this apparently a three quarter of a million dollar Rockridge home in this day and age. Actually, a bit more: The final receipt came to $755K.

The new owner presumably has plans for the property. Other Rockridge homes regularly list for seven figures these days.