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What $1,750 rents you in San Francisco right now

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Five new homes, from Opera Plaza to Ingleside

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a regular column exploring what you can rent for a set dollar amount in different neighborhoods. Is one person's studio another person's townhouse? Let's find out. Today's price: $1,750.

↑ How to be sure that this Nob Hill studio for $1,650/month is in fact in Nob Hill and not the Tendernob? Well, the landlord spelled it out in the ad: “Nob Hill (Not Tendernob).” If that doesn’t convince would-be tenants, what will? The building sits near Powell and Clay, for the record, and the open unit is on the first floor of the 17-unit building here, which is a lucky break since there’s no elevator on the place. No mention of pets here, although the ad does outlaw satellite dishes; bad news for renters who haven’t made the jump to all-online media.

↑ Also decidedly not in the Tendernob is this Hyde Street studio renting for $1,750/month. Smack dab in the Tenderloin, the ad boasts “Italian touches” like red-hued cabinets, which admittedly do give the interior a certain pop. The bathroom also sports heated marble floors, which does sound rather Mediterranea, weather-wise. No pets though.

↑ It’s not a very long trip from the Tenderloin to Opera Plaza on Van Ness Avenue, but the building just west of the TL and north of Hayes Valley always seems like a little corner of the city apart. For $1,700/month, this apartment markets its “generous size,” which in this case amounts to one bedroom, one bath, and just over 550 square feet. It does look classy—almost to the point of seeming like too good of a deal to be true for less than two grand—but this building often offers a relative bargain to those in need.

↑ In Hayes Valley itself, there’s no missing this distinctive sherbet-style oranges, yellows, and blues across the bay windows of this building on Octavia Street. The studio inside is less distinctive, but at least the layout makes efficient use of the space—in this case, a mere 221 square feet, renting for $1,700/month, pet-free.

↑ And for those who prefer the relative calm of a more residential environment, heading all the way out to Ingleside drives things down to the lowest price point—$1,650/month—in the form of an in-law studio tucked behind the garage of this lovely single-family home. No mention of pets, although the ad hedges that the close confines are “best for one person.”


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    Opera Plaza Apartment
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    Hayes Valley Studio
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    Ingleside In-Law
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