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Warriors’ Draymond Green, dressed in khakis, tries to sell a home

Golden State forward plays realtor for a day

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In collaboration with, esteemed Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green donned his finest pair of khakis, tucked in his business-smart shirt, and played realtor for a day.

In the video, Green receives home sales tips from Pacific Union’s Teresa Baum (e.g., tip #1: be charming) before leading a tour of unsuspecting folks through one of her open houses in Oakland.

The ad is fun, cute, and was screened at Oracle Arena during Wednesday’s game.

Excellent work! Green does everything from offering cookies to prospective homebuyers to showing off the acoustics in the stairwell.

However, the Oakland house used in the video is too cute. They should’ve given him a grim $1M teardown. And Green forgot the single most important thing to do before any open house—channel your inner Annette Bening and repeat, “I will sell this house today. I will sell this house today. I will sell this house today.”


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