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New Hayes Valley sphere sculpture wants to roll with you

Take it for a test drive before someone twirls off with it

Giant sphere in Hayes Valley. Photo by Hayes Valley Art Works / Facebook

New York-based artist Rachel Higgins recently installed a large interactive sculptural in Hayes Valley, sphere sculpture that can be rolled around by passersby. Located in the lot next to the new Avalon residential construction, it’s part of the exhibition at Hayes Valley Art Works.

According to the art collective’s site, Higgins’s work is meant to explore “concepts of borders, fences, corporations, networks, and divisions in relationship to public space.”

Speaking of public space, the large ball has not been swiped by any hooligans. For now, anyway. So that’s good.

Hoodline reports, “Higgins is one of six artists in a HWAW pop-up exhibition called ‘Uneasy Structures,’ which aims to display large-scale sculptures in public outdoor space, and will be on view through March 18th.”

Higgins has also created similar pieces, like her 2014 work “It’s Not That Heavy,” wherein she invited strangers to help her carry sculptures around her Brooklyn neighborhood.