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Curbed Comparisons: What $2,750 rents in San Francisco right now

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Five new homes, from the shores of Ocean Beach to the Tenderloin

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a regular column exploring what you can rent for a set dollar amount in different neighborhoods. Is one person's studio another person's townhouse? Let's find out. Today's price: $2,750.

Sea Cliff has some of San Francisco’s priciest and ritziest homes, as well as some of its best views and most bonkers real estate prices. It’s also one of the city’s tiniest neighborhoods, which means rental listings are few and far between. Still, everything comes to those who wait: Here’s a one-bedroom, one-bath apartment on 27th Avenue with “views of the Golden Gate Bridge from the entire unit.” Granted, that’s partly because the unit isn’t that big, but what the hey. No pets allowed, and the price is $2,750/month.

↑ Speaking of the sea, those with an enduring admiration for Ocean Beach waves can find a studio on the Great Highway for $2,600/month. Got to hand it to this landlord, who even took the time to spot the building in wide shots of the beach from surfing magazines to emphasize the beauty of the waves. Nice touch. It’s a tiny place, only 400 square feet, with the bed bumping up against the fireplace and one bath, but at least there’s room for a board. No cats allowed, but dogs are okay—this is Ocean Beach, after all.

Forest Hill, of course, offers the opportunity to bond with nature in a different way, taking in the slopes of Mt. Davidson near Dalewood Avenue. It also affords a lot more room to stretch out at home in the form of a single-bed, 1,500-square-foot apartment for the reasonable (by San Francisco standards, however outrageous) price of $2,750/month. Note that this place only comes with a kitchenette, though. And also one bath. At least the glass deck lets renters drink in the forested vistas nearby.

↑ Then again, some renters say nuts to nature, is this a city or isn’t it? Anybody feeling the tug toward the Mid-Market region can get a “one bedroom/studio” in one of the enormous, Arquitectonica-designed Trinity Place between Market and Mission for $2,699/month, still under construction but long since tenanted in the already completed buildings. A contemporary junior one bedroom comes with with one bath. No mention of pets.

↑ And for anyone who trusts old construction over new, a roomy two-bedroom and one-bath Tenderloin apartment on Geary Street and Van Ness now rents for $2,550/month. It’s the cheapest, the largest, and the only one of the five to allow cats and dogs; because say what you like about the Tenderloin, it’s always got your back.