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Please do not ruin this knockout Noe Valley Queen Anne

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1890 house on Fair Oaks asks $2,595,000

Queen Anne Victorian so gorgeous your Curbed SF editor should probably buy it. Photos via Estately

Knowing Noe Valley, one knows that it knows its way around a stark, gutted renovation. The neighborhood tends to find newfangled design like this, this and this too irresistible. But this Queen Anne, which has been carefully remodeled throughout to stay modern while keeping its original integrity intact, begs a stay of execution from the contractor’s pen.

Details: The circa 1890 Queen Anne at 384 Fair Oaks is one massive abode that’s actually two vacant units—one large one on top, a tiny one at the bottom. It comes with four beds, three and a half baths, and an estimated 2,966 square feet.

And just look at it.

No, look at it.

It is, in a word, exquisite.

While the kitchen and bathrooms have been updated recently, the rest of this home is a treat. The facade still shows embellishments of gold leaf painted cornice woodwork, crests, and floral designs (popular of that period). Inside interiors boast vintage crown moldings and light fixtures, as well as Victorian-era fireplace.

Fair Oaks is low-key one of the most stunning streets in all of San Francisco. And this Nineteenth Century gem is one reason why.

Asking is $2,595,000.