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Mammoth new Pacific Heights home wants $12.7 million

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Three floors of untethered contemporary design

Exterior of Pac Heights property that’s very, very new. Photos via Redfin

A property that, only a year ago, sold for $1,192,500 hopes to make a hefty return via a sleek, shiny, new construction at 1945 Green, right where Pac Heights meets Cow Hollow.

Coming in at five beds, four and a half baths, and three floors (as well as a massive, envy-inducing roof deck), this house is contemporary to the hilt. From the white interiors to the seemingly endless amounts of recessed lighting.

A striking home for sure, even if there’s no particular cohesiveness to it. (For comparison’s sake, Saitowitz’s equally enormous and contemporary 2555 Union holds a clearer point of view.) Overall, a large home with an elevator that’s sure to impress most guests.

Asking is $12,750,000.