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Spectacular Bayview ‘Santini’ house is everything a home should be

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Italianate residence and workshop will make your heart strings zing

Originally the Santini sculpture and plaster factory—a studio that created decor for many San Francisco Victorians, theaters, and hotels—this knockout 1924 home in Bayview is a multi-course feast for the senses. If San Francisco’s countless contemporary renovations got you done, 1698 Armstrong provides the perfect palate cleanser.

An Italianate home with carvings, moldings, an old brick fireplace, and heaps of other architectural details, it comes with three beds, one and a half baths, and 1,490 square feet.

One cannot stress enough how beautiful the moldings and carvings are in this abode. From the foyer and entryway staircase to the master bedroom and living room, the recent renovation made it a point to keep these elements intact.

The bottom-floor workspace is a treat for any artist. For over 100 years, the studio was used to create castings and sculptures found in many tony San Francisco homes, but seemed to have some of the very best for upstairs.

Other highlights include a kitchen with its original cabinetry and an expansive roof deck with views of Twin Peaks and the bay.

It sold for $1.1 million in 2015. However, it returns to the market this week asking $895,000. Unfortunately, the low asking is meant to spark a bidding war. Which: [angry face emoji]. Alas.