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Oakland Athletics put giant A’s cap on SF Muni stop

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So petty

In lieu of staying in their own (rapidly narrowing) lane, the Oakland Athletics have hopped over to the other side of the bay to spread fandom. Specifically, the team put a giant A’s cap on top of a Powell Muni station. With even more to come.


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According to the SFGate, it’s all part of a marketing scheme to draw attention to Oakland while besmirching the names of both the San Francisco Giants and its honorable fanbase.

"Our goal is to take back the East Bay," Catherine Aker, vice president of A's communications, tells the publication. "We have advertising on 10 transit shelters in San Francisco. The Muni stop above Powell Street is the only one with an A's cap. Many East Bay residents work in the city, so we are connecting with A's fans where they spend their days."

What’s more—and this is just plain cruel—those attending A’s games this season “can trade in a San Francisco Giants lid for a new A's cap, no questions asked.”

One almost admires such pettiness.

Speaking of champions, the Giants will now raise a victory flag above AT&T Park after each win starting this season, similar to Wrigley Field.