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Moraga sinkhole celebrates one year with birthday party

Replete with cake, balloons, and hand-made signs

Last March, a massive sinkhole formed at a busy intersection in Moraga. Soil erosion from continuous days of rain caused it to open. It’s been there ever since. And last week, the big hole celebrated its first birthday.

Residents fed up with the gaping issue decided to throw it a satirical birthday party, complete with cake and balloons.

This kind of pettiness is nothing short of inspiring. But also understandable. The sinkhole has closed down part of Rheem Boulevard, which has affected nearby businesses.

“What we’d really like to see is some actions on that hole over there so the surrounding businesses don’t have to continue dealing with financial losses for another year,” resident and business owner Doug Pope tells CBS SF.

It will cost an estimated $3.3 million to fix. And city government seems to be stalling in the name of bureaucracy.

Eric Kwan, Moraga’s Director of Public Works, explains, “The federal process is very lengthy and they do check to make sure all the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted in order for us to proceed.”

More importantly, let’s talk about the aforementioned birthday cake. It’s a sheet cake (presumably purchased at a nearby major supermarket) bearing a sweet road running up it, with the words, “Not so happy first anniversary.”


Make a wish.