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San Francisco rents dip, according to new map

But they’ve crept up in Presidio Heights, Outer Mission, and the Excelsior

Facing the Excelsior from Bernal Heights Park, with the blue water tower on the horizon.
Facing the Excelsior from Bernal Heights Park.
Tim Adams

The rental site Zumper published a new map on Monday laying out the median price of a one-bedroom home in major San Francisco neighborhoods.

The verdict: Prices are down, but creeping up in a few of the city’s most expensive and least expensive neighborhoods.

The rent platform records a tie for the most expensive rents in the city: Both South Beach and Pacific Heights averaged $3,750/month for a modestly sized apartment, at least as far as Zumper listings are concerned.

A year ago the same neighborhoods on the site averaged over $3,920/month (South Beach) and $3,800 (Pac Heights) for homes like that.

Meanwhile, the least costly neighborhoods in the city are still the Excelsior and Outer Mission (which Zumper combines on its map), with a median of $2,090/month, up $100 from last year.

Indeed, according to Zumper, the Excelsior area has some of the fastest growing rents in the city, up five percent year over year, even as the site claims that prices are down nine percent citywide (an unusually large margin compared to other analyses).


Also up: Laurel Heights and Presidio Heights, both by five percent.

The Tenderloin crept up from about $2,300/month in spring and fall of last year to $2,400/month now. And Bayview is up from $2,350/month in 2016 to $2,550/month now.

This is hardly unexpected, of course, as more demand for more affordable neighborhoods inches prices up.

Meanwhile, with a few exceptions like Laurel Heights, most of the city’s most expensive neighborhoods are down, including:

  • Russian Hill, down to $3,650/month from $3,850/month.
  • Dogpatch, down to $3,620/month from $3,810/month.
  • The Financial District, down to $3,600/month from $3,800/month.
  • SoMa, down to $3,650/month from $3,790/month.
  • Ashbury Heights, down to $3,450/month from $3,600/month.
  • Potrero Hill, down to $3,500/month from $3,570/month.

On the other hand, Zumper competitor RENTCafe suggested a rather different lay of the land last time they ranked SF neighborhoods by median rents, suggesting that the Inner Richmond, Mission Dolores, and Inner Mission are the city’s most expensive regions overall.

(Those neighborhoods respectively average $3,521, $3,045, and $3,044/month for a single bedroom, according to RENTCafe.)

But by and large rents are down year over year across most neighborhoods in that site’s analysis too.