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Rent mattress on Berkeley floor in shared room for $880/month

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Or $26 per night

Photos via Airbnb

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Sage advice. The same words should be applied to landlords looking to make a buck off the housing crisis.

Take, for example, this daybed in Berkeley, which is in a shared room with two other people who are also sleeping near the floor, going on Airbnb for $880/month.

The ad was featured on Padmapper, a site that takes Airbnb listings and tallies the cost per month. The listing price per night runs $26.

Which is still too much.

Granted, housing Stockholm Syndrome is rife around the Bay Area, so this might seem like a deal, but it’s not. Crashing on a sleeping pad next to two strangers on a carpeted floor should come with payment. Not the other way around.

But in a pinch, and port in a storm, right?