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Wood-clad Bernal Heights home with turret seeks $1.1 million

Column hides a spiral staircase

Wood-paneled home in Bernal with massive turret. Photos via Redfin

Built and lived in by engineer Arthur E Stamps III, who passed away last year, this circa-1989 home at 290 Rutledge may look like a bagel on a plateful of onion rolls, especially in Victorian-laced Bernal Heights, but one look inside will reveal a beautiful reflection of its owner’s affections.

Coming in at two beds and two baths, the property was rebuilt from the ground up after the original property was purchased in 1985 for a mere $36,000.

The home features ample space, wood paneling on the facade. views of the Bernal hillside, a spacious roof deck, and more.

The construction’s focal point, the ramrod-straight turret giving it heaps of curb appeal, hides a spiral staircase that serves the entire house.

Asking is $1,199,000.