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This Santa Cruz beach house is the ultimate 1970s party pad

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Exterior of Santa Cruz home, brown shingled, stone chimney. Photos via Redfin

The year is 1977. The town is Santa Cruz. And the vibe is hippie-chic with a shingled facade and stoney chimney. This beach house in the California’s loopiest coastal town is a treat for anyone who wants to feel like they’re back chilling with a glass of Chablis and half a blunt while debating the merits of the Carter administration.

Coming in at three beds, two and a half baths, and 2,150 square feet, the whimsical house at 227 Third Avenue features nautical/rainbow mosaic tile work that feels like a hallucinogenic trip come to life. The stone-cement tub in the bathroom is jaw-droppingly original if not very practical. And the exposed wood-clad beams are impressive to behold.

The perfect beach house for someone who wants to escape San Francisco on weekends. Or for someone with very specific tastes.

Asking is $1,800,000.

Photos via Bailey Properties