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Tom Perkins’ Belvedere home, designed by Julia Morgan, finds buyer

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House comes with a fireplace imported from a Belgian chateau

The 1928 abode on Belvedere, which landed on the market in September for $16.5 million, sold last week under asking.

Designed by architects Julia Morgan and George Kelham, the six-bed, seven-and-a-half bath, 8,885-square-foot home was quite the looker when we first reported on it.

Period details like a Tudor archway with fleur-de-lis plaster, 16th century linenfold wood-paneled walls in the Grand Salon, a carved limestone fireplace imported from a Belgian chateau, and a garden with a stone terrace serve Merchant-Ivory realness.

It sold for $14,460,000. No word yet on exactly who bought it.

The home was last owned by the late Thomas Perkins, founder of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. The venture capitalist, who died in June, was parodied on Silicon Valley after (in)famously comparing America’s wealthy elite to the persecuted Jews of World War II.