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Here’s how the Salesforce Tower looks right now from all over the city

Tallest building in San Francisco takes center stage

Arguably the tallest building west of the Mississippi River, the Salesforce Tower in Yerba Buena is coming up beautifully. It’s quite the sight to see throughout the city, from Nob Hill and Noe Valley to SoMa and Potrero Hill.

Really, you can’t miss it. And like the Transamerica Pyramid, Sutro Tower, Triple Five, and the Bay Bridge, it will soon be one of the primary structural signifiers of San Francisco.

The impending 1.4 million square-foot, 61-story tower can be seen from almost anywhere in the city where downtown is visible. And now that its curtain wall is climbing toward to top, each day reveals a sleeker and chicer cityscape.

There is some debate about Salesforce Tower being awarded the title of tallest building west of Chicago. According to San Francisco Chronicle, “The recently erected Wilshire Grand in Los Angeles has an architectural spire that will top out at 1,099 feet, [but] Salesforce Tower will have the highest occupiable floor in California at 970 feet.”

Size fight aside, here are some of the vantage points all over the city where you can see the Salesforce Tower take shape as the largest of them all.

↑ Up close and personal in Yerba Buena.

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↑ Over in Nob Hill.

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↑ Another view from Nob Hill.

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↑ Up in Telegraph Hill (far left).

↑ Down on First Street in Yerba Buena, looking up.

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↑ The view down Fremont Street.

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↑ Covered in clouds, as seen from the Embarcadero.

↑ Peeking out from in between downtown buildings.

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↑ The view from Howard in SoMa.

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↑ From Potrero Hill, at night.

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↑ From Potrero Hill, at day.

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↑ From the top of Dolores Park, at day.

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↑ From the top of Dolores Park, at night.

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↑ As seen from Treasure Island.

↑ High on top of Twin Peaks.

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↑ The view from next door.

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↑ Inside the structure, here’s what it looks like on top as steel workers affix the tower’s crown.

↑ Peeking out from the top.

Salesforce Tower

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