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Stormy weather returns to San Francisco

But there’s reportedly no concern over major flooding

storm clouds above the bay
Storm clouds above the bay on Tuesday morning.
Photo by Brock Keeling

And just like that, after a lovely spell of sun, the rains have returned to the Bay Area. While nary thunder nor lightning was heard or seen in San Francisco, rain blanketed the entire city on Monday night.

“An upper-level ridge of high pressure that was responsible for the mainly dry and warm conditions in the West has now moved east,” reports the Weather Channel. “In its place, a southward dip in the jet stream, or trough, is now in place over the eastern Pacific Ocean, steering the storm track back toward California this week.”

Showers are expected to continue throughout the Bay Area into Wednesday. Then on Friday the third storm is expected to pass through.

As for other parts of the Bay Area, there’s little concern of major flooding like we saw in February, which devastated parts of San Jose.

NBC Los Angeles reports: “The Santa Clara Valley Water District continues releasing water from Anderson Reservoir in Morgan Hill, which was the culprit in the Coyote Creek overflow last month. The reservoir is at 86 percent of capacity, the district said, and officials expect it could hold twice the expected runoff from this week's rain.”

Even more snow is expected to cover Lake Tahoe and the High Sierras.

Stay dry, folks.