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Full-floor flat inside Nob Hill modernist high-rise asks $2.2 million

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Co-op inside slender tower comes with views of Huntington Park and Grace Cathedral

Exterior shot of modernist high-rise in Nob Hill, 12 floors in all. Photos via Tour Factory

Inside the modernist boutique residences atop Nob Hill at 1190 Sacramento, a rare, full-floor co-op is available. If you’ve ever taken your pooch to “yappy hour” at Huntington Park, looked up at the neighboring tony towers, and wondered, “gee, what’s inside there,” now is your chance to take a peek.

Inside this third floor home, you will find such luxuries as a private elevator landing and a large living-dining room with fire escape/balcony. It also comes with two bedrooms, two baths, and 1,519 square feet.

And the windows? They’re everything windows should be. Just look at them.

The co-op inside this 1955 building has also been renovated recently, as evidenced by the photography. Lovely.

HOAs come to $1,250. Asking is $2,295,000.