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Billionaire’s Row mansion sold

Quietly listed on San Francisco’s most opulent block, an area family bought the house two weeks ago

Exterior of Billionaire’s Row home Photo via Neal Ward Properties

If you’ve ever wanted to invite the Gettys over to for Pizza Rolls and RuPaul’s Drag Race, you’re in luck. This 8,200-square-foot mansion on Broadway and Divisadero, right at the beginning of the famed Billionaire’s Row, quietly landed on the market.

So silent, in fact, is this listing that there are yet any available images to show. (We will update as soon as they come in.) According to records, however, the three-story house was built in 1900 and comes with 15 rooms in total. (In 2015, neighboring abode 2701 Broadway sold for a mammoth $31 million.)

SocketSite reports, “Purchased for $2.95 million in 1989, the Pac Heights home at 2700 Broadway is currently outfitted with seven bedrooms, four full (and three half) baths and a two-car garage.”

An ideal home for almost anyone, really. If you ever find yourself the middle of whipping up a batch of Nestle Toll House cookies but run out of brown sugar (it’s always the brown sugar, isn’t it?), your neighbors Marissa Mayer, Jonathan Ive, or Larry Ellison will certainly lend you a cup.

Update: A source tells Curbed SF that the property sold two weeks ago to a family in the neighborhood. They plan on renovating the estate before moving in.

Image via Google Street Views