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The changing face of long delayed new building on 24th street

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Long-delayed project would be one of the tallest in the neighborhood

Renderings of the proposed building at 24th and Harrison. Courtesy HKIT, MissionLocal

Back in 2014, affordable housing developers hoped to transform a nondescript Mission District site near Balmy Ally into a 32-unit affordable housing project, hopefully breaking ground by the end of that year.

Clearly those plans didn’t work out, as the corner of Harrison and 24th looks no different today than it did then.

Previously, Salazar Architects had designed a bold, colorful building for the corner with a color scheme based on coral reefs, but in 2014 developers tapped HKIT Architects for a new, more low-key look, which is still taking shape.

The old design.
Courtesy Salazar Architects

This locale at 3001 24th Street—presently noted for its Mission Girls mural—has been on the slate for new development for over 20 years. Once upon a time, the present building was on its way out in favor of a Taco Bell.

A local non-profit bought the site to block that project, and since 2008 various plans for senior housing have come up but always met with delays.

In February, Mission Local reported that developers and architects met with neighbors to discuss new plans. The proposed building now consists of 45 homes, although if allowed to rise up to six stories it could fit in seven more.

A preliminary project assessment application submitted to the city last week reveals a potential new look for the building:

The renderings included with the paperwork are only black and white, but this same design popped up in full color at the February community meeting.

Note that at least three more meetings are set, and the building won’t break ground until very late 2018 (if then—delays have long been the name of the game with this one), so the design may well change again.