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Rare Nob Hill single-family home asks $2.7 million

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Oh the possibilities

Photos via Redfin

Nob Hill is one of San Francisco’s finest neighborhoods, period. However, it’s difficult to find many single-family homes in the neighborhood since it’s a dense area with housing stock geared toward apartments and condos. But when a single-family residence here lands on the market, it’s worth taking note.

This week, one such house becomes available, located at 1217 Clay. The facade is dazzling, featuring period details and a gorgeous paint job. Inside, however, is another story.

Renovated over the last decade, the design hasn’t held up especially well. The overabundance of blonde wood, vessel sinks, and carpeting isn’t doing anyone any favors. The decor isn’t awful; it’s just nondescript.

That said, this is one large, stunning abode. Ideal for someone who wants to come in and transform it. Perhaps back it its original glory? The stain-glass for, by the way, is heaven.

Featuring three beds, three baths, and 2,180 square feet, it’s asking $2,788,000.