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Is this combined kitchen-bathroom in San Francisco for real?

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Oh dear

While San Francisco properties are getting smaller and denser, one must stand in awe of the audacity of one property owner’s decision to meld the kitchen and bathroom into one space.

A microwave and kitchen sink literally sit next to an enclosed shower and toilet. This raises many, many questions. First, the validity of the photos. The image was sent in by a tipster—and since NextDoor limits to posts by neighborhood, Curbed SF has been unable to verify if they appeared on the website, or if they have been altered in any way. Curbed SF has contacted the owner of the property for comment. We will update as soon as we hear back from them

But supposing this mind-boggling room is real, here are a few other questions:

  • Is this legal? Answer: No, it is not.
  • Is it safe? Possibly not.
  • Is it healthy? Microscopic waste particles do launch into the air post-flush, so that is one concern. “Fecal plumes could pose a problem, especially if you’re prone to flushing with the toilet seat up,” says Elizabeth Lopatto, science editor at The Verge. (Here’s more on that dirty subject.)
  • Where is this located? According to the ad, which was posted on NextDoor, this newly renovated studio apartment is near the Presidio Wall between Presidio Heights and Cow Hollow.
  • How much? According to the ad, $2,000/month or best offer.

Here are some additional images of the tiny home. Enjoy.