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Lake District Edwardian, renovated with lacquered floors and colors galore, asks $3.9 million

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Circa 1912 takes a technicolor turn

Blue exterior of renovated Edwardian.

So much to say about this renovated Edwardian in on the city’s tiny Lake District neighborhood, so let’s rattle off some of the main bullet points. Because this place is a waft of warm air in a sea of Bactine-drenched renovations.

  • Black lacquered floors
  • Wallpaper prints
  • Liberal use of color
  • Square and triangular coffered ceilings
  • Missoni(esque) chairs

Exciting? Yes. Dated? Perhaps a touch. Whimsy can be too much of a good thing, especially if it’s not well executed. But at least the interiors have a clear point of view. And the circa 1912 Edwardian itself is a stunner in its own right.

Featuring four beds, three and a half baths, 3,475 square feet, 124 21st Avenue asks $3,950,000.