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New Mission Street mural almost finished

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Lightening up a block at the edge of the Excelsior

Part of a mural on Mission Street with kids playing soccer. Courtesy Hava Formula

One building in the Excelsior—right on the edge of the neighborhood where it meets the Outer Mission at Mission and Brazil Street—is getting a little extra love and care from a joint San Francisco/Barcelona artistic venture.

The urgent care clinic at 4598 Mission is a perfectly unremarkable and gray building that was vacant until last October, attracting a fair share of graffiti on and underneath its boarded up facade.

Now that a Dignity Health-GoHealth clinic has moved into the spot they’ve taken the opportunity to spruce up the block a little bit, retaining Wall and Wall, an art team based partly in San Francisco and partly in Spain to do something with all of that wall space besides just be gray.

In progress last week.

The new scenes shows some love to the neighborhood, depicting daily life and people in the Excelsior and edges of the Outer Mission, including images of McLaren Park, the water tower, the amphitheater, and Mission Street itself.

Wall and Wall is a creation of Barcelona artist Ferran Torras, specializing in small-scale murals. Painting has been going on since February 28, with the final touches set to go on at 10 A.M. Sunday morning.

(It was supposed to be last Sunday, but then the heavens decided to open up and pour water from the sky everywhere, which made painting suddenly less attractive even for the professionals.)

Meanwhile, the rest of San Francisco can go about their business Sunday knowing that the city is now a tiny bit brighter, by a unit of one block.