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Contractor’s own craftsman Lafayette hideaway asks $2.72 million

Happy Valley home is happy on floorspace

Courtesy Adobe

Lafeyette buyers seeking a craftsman-style home have hit the jackpot with 3975 Canyon Road, which listed today at $2.72 million.

That the place is five bedrooms, four baths, and well over 5,500 square feet at the end of a private road is one thing—there are plenty of big houses, after all.

But its U-shaped layout, with two separate wings curving like a boomerang around the entry court give it the impression of downright massive proportions when the shingled facade is approached from the front.

The Hobbit Hole-style entry arch keeps the image from seeming too intimidating, though. If all of the interior woodwork seems particularly lush, it’s probably because the present owner is himself a local contractor.

Scott Cameron of Lafayette’s SC Summerwood builders built this place in 2003 as his own home (according to a previous listing), after buying the land for $340,000 a few years earlier.

Looks like it was a real labor of love—and, judging from the proportions, perhaps a project that was returned to many times over the years.