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Trader Joe’s opening downtown SF location next week

But don’t expect to find any parking

fourth and market street Screen grab via Google Street Views

SoMa residents fed up with the King Street Safeway and the area Whole Food’s abysmal and fury-inducing checkout queue (quite simply the worst!) are in for a treat—Trader Joe’s will open a brand new store next week right on Fourth Street.

On February 16, the 10 Fourth Street location will become the company’s newest store. The new Trader Joe’s will be located underground, beneath the Old Navy mammoth inside the 21,000-square-foot basement space.

“In an almost unheard-of turn of events for businesses in San Francisco, the popular grocery chain announced it is opening...two weeks before its previously predicted March launch,” reports SF Weekly. “This is particularly welcome news for downtown office workers, as go-to fancy grocery store Bristol Farms closed down its location in the Westfield Centre’s food court last month.”

Best of all, there will be no parking. So for residents who live in the neighborhood who don’t drive (which are many) the already congested Fourth and Market street area will not be clogged with cars. Fingers crossed.

This store will prove ideal for commuters and pedestrians.