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Gothic Sausalito Tudor cuts price nearly in half

Now offered at a loss from its last sale nearly 17 years ago

The facade of a Tudor house in Sausalito, photographed through the limbs of its garden trees. Courtesy Joan Kermath

It’s good to be king, although it’s trying too, as in the case of this spectacular but quirky Tudor home in Sausalito that cut its price almost 50 percent since last year in hopes of commanding a buyer.

The three-bed, two-and-a-half-bath house at 622 Sausalito Boulevard sits tucked away behind some truly gorgeous gardens. The Goulder House (named for the original 1926 residents) claims to be the work of Arnold Sutherland Constable, the great designer of Gothic revival cathedrals.

Constable’s Gothic touch remains in the likes of the twisted railings on the balconies, the oddball faces peering down from the ceiling in the wine cellar, and the remarkable degree of arch on its vaulted ceiling.

And while some of the home’s eccentricities, like the extremely busy wallpaper, are not quite Gothic, they keep in line with Constable’s beautiful but dizzying sensibilities.

Although 622 Sausalito can’t help but look scattered, its many diverging parts remain inescapably striking, forming a kind of mosaic of styles, colors, and elements.

The house first listed in April of 2016 for a tidy and ambitious $4.2 million. By September, the price had climbed down to $3.5 million. And by the end of the year, down further still, to $2.95 million.

All told, its most recent offer last week of $2.65 million technically represents a loss from its most recent sale in 2000 of $2 million even—a sum worth more than $2.7 million today.