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300-square-foot Mission studio wants half a million dollars

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Billed as a “modern studio in the heart of the popular and ever vibrant Mission District,” a shoebox of a living space landed on the market today. And it’s quite the jaw-dropper, to say the least.

Coming in at zero beds, one bath, and a microscopic 300 square feet (261 finished square feet, per the listing), what it lacks in elbow room it tries to make for it with views (fifth floor) and modern amenities. Stainless steel appliances, tiled glass shower, fireplace, and “airplay surround sound speakers” all come with the breadbox-like space at 3418 26th Street.

It also comes with an in-unit washer/dryer, which, as most city folk know, is a beautiful thing to behold. And there is access to a lovely roof deck. But still, it is tiny. Local architect Mark Hogan calls it a “glorified dorm room in the Mission.” And, indeed, he’s correct. People want to live in the Mission at any cost these days.

Asking is $499,000.