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Eichler alert: Condo inside the Summit asks $2.5 million

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Stunner in the sky

Facade of Eichler high-rise in Russian Hill. Photos via Redfin

The units inside the Summit (the high-rise at 999 Green, on the top of Russian Hill) fetch astronomical prices. And why should this 17th-floor condo be any different?

Featuring two beds, two baths, and 1,681 square feet, this gem of an abode comes with all of the midcentury trimming you would expect—floor-to-ceiling windows, wraparound balcony, and a stunning facade.

But this place has also been renovated with an unabashedly contemporary touch over the last decade. The Calacatta marble counters and eat-in kitchen all look terribly sleek. Perhaps too sleek for some, for those with an eye gazing in the past.

No matter, it’s still a rare treat—an Eichler in San Francisco.

HOAs come to $1,862. Asking is $2,599,000.

The Summit

200 Shiloh Street, , PA 15211 Visit Website