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Under $700K Club: Sunnyside single-family home seeks $659,000

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Detached cottage doesn’t ask for much

Photos via Estately

Time again for the Under $700K Club, where we showcase the few and the proud San Francisco homes that, even in this this time of seven-figure median home prices, have the courage to sell at a mere $700,000 or less (or at least open that low).

Today’s comparatively inexpensive offering comes from Sunnyside, the small neighborhood next to Glen Park. Coming in at one bed and one bath, the little house at 350 Hearst has been recently renovated to feature a new kitchen and new bathroom.

While it doesn’t come with much space, it does boast a nice backyard and even a small studio (read: shack) that could double as an artist’s space or kids playroom.

Asking is a mere $659,000.