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Sea Ranch home by Charles Moore asks $2.8 million

Wood you?

Exterior of house with ocean view. Photos by Paul Kozal, via Pacific Union

As winter makes an exit, it’s time to start thinking about your springtime pipe dreams. How about this 1971 Charles Moore gem in Sea Ranch? Featured in the New York Times and Dwell Magazine, it’s the perfect fodder for real estate daydream material.

Coming in at three beds, four and a half baths, and 2,442 square feet, the home at 37711 Breaker Reach Road (now called the Owings Perdue House) features asymmetrical building shapes with an interior plan boasting multiple levels, rich wood accents, angles, and steel beams. It’s what one should think of when one thinks of Sea Ranch, a community envisioned 51 years ago by landscape designer Lawrence Halprin.

The bathroom features bookshelves galore, which is a bathtub lover’s dream. And the wood paneling throughout (from the floor to the ceiling) is downright gorgeous.

Dwell has more on this special house has been kept intact throughout the years, with its original intention still preserved.

The current homeowners, Alison Owings and Jonathan Perdue, purchased the residence in 2000 and have maintained the original wood paneling, tile flooring, and countertops, down to the painted chessboard under a banquette cushion in the living room. The only modifications have been the addition of two interior doors for warmth and privacy. "We work assiduously to keep the house in excellent condition, considering ourselves more stewards than owners," says Owings. "We knew in an instant that the house was spectacularly well-thought out and well-designed. I gave my husband a thumbs up sign behind the realtor’s back."

Noted architect Charles Moore is also known for his award-winning Kresge College design at UC Santa Cruz.

HOAs come to $206/month. Asking is $2,875,000.

Exterior of Sea Ranch House with ocean view Photography by Paul Kozal