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Apple Park construction rushes to conclusion in drone video

$5 billion facility set to open in April

The almost-finished Apple Park from air. Matthew Roberts

With last week’s big announcement that Apple Park (as the company has finally officially christened it) is set to open to staff in April, observers might have expected the latest batch of regular, monthly drone footage to show a structure on the trembling verge of completion.

And in many ways it does, as many longtime projects like the hillside tunnels and towering parking garages have long since been finished. But from the looks of things today, the headquarters still needs a bit of work to finish in the four to eight weeks left before moving day.

South Bay videographer Matthew Roberts took his Phantom drone out for another regular Apple picking expedition this weekend, revealing contractors still hard at work constructing the interior of the building’s massive lobby, still affixing solar panels to its roof, and completing the massive landscaping.

As the name suggests, Apple Park involves a large and expensive greening process in addition to the building construction itself. There are roughly 7,700 trees to plant, for example, selected to be drought-resistant and provide food for the campus cafeteria.

A network of paths, lawns, and fields remain to be planted and constructed. It’s not clear whether or not all or most of this terrain needs to be in place before the company begins moving in, a process that should take months to complete.

In the meantime, here’s what will probably be one of the last aerial construction updates on the long, longstanding project.

Apple Park

19111 Pruneridge Avenue, Cupertino, CA 95014