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Mill Valley mansion cuts $5 million off price

Strawberry home’s initial asking left a bad taste in potential buyers’ mouths

A green lawn in front of a mansion-like house in Mill Valley at twilight. Melanie Morris, Paragon Real Estate Group

The four-bed, four-and-a-half-bath, circa 2007 house at 114 Inez Place, situated on one and a half acres in Mill Valley, listed last June with big ambitions. The asking price was over $10.8 million.

It has its own wine cellar, an infinity pool, and even a putting green on top of those fabulous North Bay views. So with the market surging, why not try for eight figures?

But as is often the case with very high-end homes, some compromises had to be made on the price to help attract attention of prospective, deep-pocketed buyers.

In August, the seller dropped the asking by more than $1.3 million.

In September, nearly another $1.7 million dropped off the price.

Come November, the place was asking less than $7 million in total. Yet another cut came this week, landing the sprawling property on the border of the small, unincorporated town of Strawberry (population 5,500 or so) at $5.95 million.

That’s a mighty tumble—down 45 percent and nearly $5 million in nine months. But perhaps all of the activity will catch the eye of a wealthy bargain hunter.

SocketSite notes that this same home was the focus of a strange property dispute in 2015 when owner Kelly Neil removed a bench that a local Eagle Scout installed on the fringe of his land.

The bench was a memorial to a high school student who died in 2008. But according to the Marin Independent Journal, Neil dismantled it because it attracted local teenagers, and he found the bench’s presence morbid.

So the bench will not be included now. Everything else pictured here is on the block for less than $6 million.