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What are the best design and furniture stores in SF?

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Tell us in the comments what your favorites are

Valencia Street’s Stuff is one of our favorites.
Valencia Street’s Stuff is one of our favorites.
Photo by Lynn Friedman

When you need stuff for your place, where do you go? Whether you’re an adult who now wants to act like one (e.g., expensive towels, ceramics, lamps that are not of the halogen torch variety) or someone who wants to transform their decor anew (FYI, the minimalism look has come to an end; time to prepare for the glory that is maximalism), there are tons of options in San Francisco that don’t include Ikea or Crate & Barrel.

Curbed SF has already ranked 32 options, from March in Presidio Heights to Dandelion in Potrero Hill. Since the map was created last year, many places have closed while others have opened. New residential construction brings about great new design and furniture stores. And we want to know your favorites.

It’s time for an update, and Curbed SF needs your help to know which stores are worth featuring.

In the comments, let Curbed know about your favorite design and furniture stores in the city. You can also email the tipline.