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9 wild images of the Lake Berryessa water hole

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Napa spillway looks like a vortex into another world

While the recent storms proved harrowing for many residents (especially in San Jose where flooding prompted evacuations), at least one tidbit managed to make the tempest seem a bit more lighthearted—the spillway at Lake Berryessa in Napa, which now looks like an aquatic portal into another dimension.

How does this happen? Well, so much rain has fallen in Lake Berryessa, located in Napa Valley, that it reached its water capacity. So much to that, in order to prevent widespread flooding, a 72-foot-wide concrete funnel spillway has drained water down. And it looks awesome.

It began last Friday and has since captured the attention of tourists, locals, and the media. The “glory hole,” as some have crudely referred to it, has even been featured in such esteemed publications as the New York Times and DListed.

Here now, in case you haven’t seen it, are a few images of the water hole everyone was talking about this week.

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